God Magnet: What attracts God to you? (Part 1) Josh Mayo

I want God…but do I have what God wants? So many people say they want God…but do they…do you…have what God wants…so often we look to God…what we are looking for…but what if the best way to get God is to really ask ourselves what is he looking for…what does God hunger…desire to be inside us us.

This thought is called God Magnet.

What attracts you…what sucks you into God presence? I want to attract God.

Think about how many times you acted a certain way…you dressed your best…you took a shower…all for one reason…to get that guy or that girl to notice you. You worked on your best introduction…

Hi…(nervous) Im josh…no that’s wrong…(excited) Hi im josh…No…that’s to perky…(seductive voice) Hi I’m Josh…now that’s straight up creepy. (normal) Hi I’m Josh! Wow…I am incredible…no woman could say no to the Joshanator…opps…creepy and weird again! Stop josh stop!!!

What I am trying to say is that we work so hard to attract the people we want to attract. I want to be attractive to God…God loves us all but that doesn’t mean that God is always pulled into our presence. God actually says that there are things that repels him from us. So what attracts God to us!


Psalm 51:17 ESV The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.

This brokenness…this contrite spirit…is like a God magnet. Its something that God comes close to.

Have you ever noticed a wreck on the road and everyone…no matter how many they have seen before…is drawn in…they have to look…they have to slow down and take in the moment. They have to see the brokenness…the wreckage.

Same way when God…when he senses someone who has this humble broken spirit…God moves toward the scene.  He slows down… The message version of that same verse says “Heart-shattered lives ready for love don’t for a moment escape God’s notice.”

But James 4:6b says: God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” The opposite is also true…God opposes the proud. Where is the pride? It’s in our intellect that we can do better or know better then what God has for us. It’s this sense of been there…done that…that keeps us away from Gods presence.

The pride is also found in our sense of completeness…or place of strength outside of Christ. You see…when we feel like we are complete …adequate…ok where we are currently… especially in spiritual areas…our need for God becomes incomplete.

There is a castle of great fame in Edinburgh, Scotland. This castle has a tower of seemingly insurmountable strength. But the truth is that the castle was once actually captured. The fortress had an obvious weak spot which defenders guarded–but because another spot was apparently protected by its steepness and impregnability, no soldiers were posted there. At an opportune time, an attacking army sent a small band up that unguarded slope and surprised the garrison into surrender. Where the castle was strong, there it was weak.

Pride always attaches itself to our points of strength. We think we are ok…because that is our strongest area.  But God is looking for your strength. God is attracted to weakness…God is looking for a broken and contrite spirit.