"Big crowds without personal investment and discipleship are worthless. My heart desires to touch the needs of the individual." 

After personally sharing a message entitled “Timeline,” God awoke Josh and Monica to their own place in His story. Josh’s late grandparents James and Madge Mayo planted over 30 churches in the Atlanta region. His parents Sam and Jeanne Mayo also returned to Atlanta to pastor after leading significant churches abroad. With eyes of faith, Josh and Monica believe that his grandparents “planted seeds,” his parents “watered those seeds” and the Lord will help them to reap His harvest.  In Josh’s timeline message, Josh felt impressed that God was doing something generational. Our personal timeline…our lives becomes significant when we attach it to God’s timeline.

We believe that Cross Church is a generational work. Cross Church is built on the prayers, faith and a spiritual timeline that goes far beyond the here and now. Leaving 12 years of successful ministry in Arkansas and California, the Mayo’s returned to their family roots in Atlanta. They desired to obey the Lord by beginning Cross Church.

On January 26, 2014 we held our very first Sunday morning service. With a launch group of approximately 50 people, Cross Church has exploded to two services and numerous ministries on a weekly basis.

After twelve plus years in full-time youth and young adult ministry in California and Arkansas Josh and Monica moved to Atlanta to pursue a call to be Lead pastors. Raised in successful ministry homes, loving people and growing others from the Word of God is in their DNA.

Josh is the author of four published books and travels nationally as an in-demand conference and leadership speaker.  His communication style is that of a visual storyteller. He loves crafting modern parables and illustrations that leave lasting impressions on the listener. Monica is passionate about building family. This passion starts on the home front and moves into our church community.  More than “successful ministry,” Josh and Monica desire to build “significant people.” Life is found in relationship. Josh and Monica have been married for ten years and have two sons – Elijah

and Judah.

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