Blank Page

Empty space on a blank page can be terrifying and exciting all at the same time. I love to write but putting down words and crafting some sort of script or creative piece can feel overwhelming. You want to say all the right things… get the words in just the right order. But that perfect moment to be “creative” never seems to come.

Let me encourage you with this. Sometimes we just have to fill the blank pages of our lives with words even when what you create is less than what you feel it should be.

In the beginning...God created.

It’s in our nature to create. God hardwired His creative DNA into each of his kids: you and me. So when we “sit on our hands” so to speak, we are abandoning our ability to act like our Heavenly Father.

I believe we put too much emphasis on the final outcome of our creative endeavor or whatever we want to get working on and too little emphasis with WHO is with us during the process.

Dependency on Jesus Christ is what makes our blank page beautiful. He is looking for you to look to Him as you create. Don’t wait for your genius to strike. Take the first faith filled step and believe that God will breath on that blank page.

In the Genesis story (Genesis 1:2) it says that the world was formless and void and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. The word “hover” in the Greek gives us an image of a mothering hen protecting the nest of her young undeveloped eggs or chicks.

Why was God hovering over the formless void? Because that void had priceless value. He saw it for what it would be not for what it currently was.

God was hovering… protecting His future creation. Don’t give up on your blank page. Defend it. It may seem like nothing of value now – just formless and void – but God knows what He has placed inside of you. You may feel formless and void, but God is still defending what He is creating in you!

You may not see much value in your blank page now but remind yourself that God isn’t done with you yet. Don’t abandon what you should be protecting. Hold onto the promise that as a son or daughter of God… in your DNA is the creative nature to produce something supernatural. Don’t fear your blank page. Protect it!

Forget about trying to create something perfect but rather allow God to use your imperfections to create a masterpiece that is distinctly you.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Have faith for what you hope for even when the blank page seems undeveloped. Believe that God is with you right now… able to walk with you in whatever endeavor He directs you to take.

The apostle James knew we needed to start on our blank page when he said, “Faith without works is dead.” So go ahead, put your creative faith into action and begin on your blank page

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